First and Foremost I am an Intergrative Therapist

Integrative counselling means drawing on and blending specific types of therapies. This approach is not linked to one particular type of therapy as I  believe that no singular approach works for each client in all situations.

I utilise and blend different types of therapy, mainly EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Gestalt (explained below) and a client's issue is dealt with systematically, as it would be if only one type of therapy were being used.

Integrative counselling allows me to explore an issue from a variety of distinct theoretical perspectives and to use concepts and techniques from each.


Gestalt Therapy focuses on the here-and-now experience and personal responsibility. The objective, in addition to overcoming symptoms, is to become more alive, and free from the blocks of unfinished issues which may diminish optimum satisfaction, fulfillment and growth.

Gestalt therapy helps you gain a better understanding of how your emotional and physical bodies are connected. Understanding the internal self is the key to understanding actions, reactions and behaviours.

Through the work we will do, this form of therapy also empowers you with the skills necessary to face stressful situations. The answers lie within us all, and this wisdom helps each of us become more accepting of ourselves and others, which carries over into our communication, decisions and relationships.

People who participate in Gestalt therapy feel more self-confident, calm and at peace. Gestalt therapy is an effective approach for managing tension, depression, anxiety, addiction, post-traumatic stress and other psychological challenges that prevent people from achieving a free and fulfilling life.


I also provide EMDR as therapy which many people find a useful way of working with a large number of issues such as Trauma, Anxiety and Phobias. For more information see the page on EMDR

What do we do?

Mostly we talk. We talk about your worries, thoughts or feelings and things may have arisen from the last session.

Counselling is your time to use how you wish; I may offer ideas in how we might work such as diagrams or list making etc. Some people can find drawing or painting helpful, but don't worry you won't be asked to do anything you don't wish to do.

Sometimes you may be given homework, its not like school, just an invitation to work on things or thoughts outside of the counselling session. These can be reflected on during our next session. Homework is quite common with CBT to look at and record thoughts fears or behaviours, so we become more aware of them.

We may have a review session as well, to look at where we have come from and the journey up till now. It is often useful to recap and reflect on how you feel being in counselling and any other issues that we may be able to work on.

Sometimes counselling becomes emotionally challenging, and you feel like you might not wish to come back for another session. If that is the case it is really important that you do come back so we can look at why. It may be that you're not ready to talk about a certain issue yet or that the way in which we are working together could be adjusted to make you feel more at ease. Often such sessions can be the most rewarding!

Workshops and Awareness days

I also run a variety of workshop and awareness days which are popular with schools or other organisations, these workshops vary in lengths and can be adapted to suit your needs. If you think your organisation could benefit from a day like this, please get in contact so we can discuss your needs.

What do I specialise in?

Listed below are areas of work that I have extensive knowledge in. I work with a wide range of presenting issues, so if an issue is not listed here that doesn't mean we cannot work together.

Domestic Abuse

I have a wide range of experience working within domestic abuse, during my previous employment with the Police, and from working with a charity supporting victims and purpetrators of domestic abuse. Abuse comes in many forms, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Financial and Sexual. I have worked extensively with people in abusive relationships and clients who are recovering from domestic abuse.

I have also worked with purpetrators of domestic violence and/or abuse. If you feel that you may fall into this catergory, and that you are struggling with control or anger issues, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Counselling is not judgemental, if you are aware of your actions and are looking to change, help is there.

Sexual Abuse

From my experience domestic abuse and sexual abuse may often go hand in hand, and can be it from a partner, family member or even family friend. Due to this I have a wide range of knowledge, again from my domestic violence work and previous role with Police in this area. If you have or are experiencing sexual abuse, please don't be too scared to speak out.

Counselling for Emergency Services and Military personnel

The Emergency Services and Military do not do a 'normal' job. If you have previously worked or currently work  for the Emergency Services or Military you may be exposed to what the general public often never see. Sometimes going to a general counsellor isn't enough, you would rather go to someone who understands just that little bit more about the work that you do. I previously worked for the Police for 5 years, dealing with distressing phonecalls and incidents on a daily basis. I may not understand exactly what you've gone through, but I may have more of an understanding when you talk to me.

I have seen some of the the effects of the work  Emergency Services and Military personnel do, and I know it takes a hell of a lot of courage for someone in such a role to say that they want to see someone. More than often anything even remotely emotional can be supressed as you need to stay strong, carry on and do your job. I am exceedingly passionate about getting the Military and the Emergency Services the emotional, mental support and resiliance that they deserve. I think some times you have to have done the job or a similar role on order to understand. I offer a reduced rate for ex or serving Military or Emergency Services personnel.


Trauma is an area that I am truly passionate about. The effects of serious trauma on our daily lives can be shocking and terrifying. In my experience trauma can come about for a huge variety of reasons and display a wide range of symptoms.If you have suffered a traumatic incident or feel you are suffering from the effects of trauma, we can work together to help with that.

Self Esteem and Confidence Issues

Although this is a seperate heading, this is often just the presenting issue that a client will bring, which will lead into a lot of the work that we will do. Lack of confidence or self esteem can really cause a lot of issues for us. Counselling can help overcome these fears, so we are better able to accept ourselves for who we are, and make changes into who we want to be.

Difficulties with Intimacy and Sexual Problems

The big taboo, Sex. The one thing we may talk and joke about a lot with friends but often hide away from being honest about the most. Sexual problems can cover a wide range of issues, from erectile dysfunction, issues with climaxing, lack of sexual appetite, sexual addiction, addiction to pornography, questioning our sexuality and many others. This is often one of the hardest topics to talk about when it doesn't have to be. We all have a need to be fullfilled sexually, and have our own wants and desires. Don't supress issues due to embrassment or fear, trust me they all can be worked with.